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-Accademia Georgica
The ancient library that was founded in the 18th century by the Accademia Georgica is housed in a palace that was renovated by Valadier in the same century.
Free Admittance
Address Piazza della Repubblica, 6
Phone +39 0 733 215 056
-Museo Civico Archeologico
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 9.00-12.00/15.30-19.30
Admission € 2,00.
Palazzo Comunale
Address Piazza della Repubblica
Phone +39 0 733 218 711 - +39 0 733 218 703 (comune)
Property: Civic.
-Pinacoteca Comunale
The Art Gallery of Treia is located on the first floor (piano nobile) of the Town Hall. The exhibits are mainly paintings representing sacred subjects. There are also several portraits of personalities who played a leading role in the cultural and political life of the town. These pictures belonged to the art collection of the old and prestigious Accademia Georgica. Of particular note is the "Immaculate Conception" attributed to Giuseppe Bastiani, where we can see a luxuriant Italian garden, painted to symbolise the hortus conclusus, i.e. the Madonna's virginity; "Saint Lucy's martyrdom" by Pietro Tedeschi, from the Augustinian church in the town and the "Extasy of St. Margaret of Cortona" by Antonio Balestra.
Address Piazza della Repubblica, 2
Phone +39 0 733 215 919
Property: Civic
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